Project Description

Product Name: Spray Drying Fruit & Vegetable Powder

Advantage: Pure fragrance, original flavor, quality assurance, natural color, good instant dissolution, no layering, no added preservatives, no pollution, no pollution, No pesticide residues, No Artificial Colors, Flavors, and fragrances.
Origin: China
Appearance: Powder , Granule,Capules,Tablets
Uses: Medicine, Food, Supplement



About Our Spray Drying Fruit & Vegetable Powder:

The enterprise plant adopts advanced spray drying technology, introduces advanced equipment from home and abroad, and selects high-quality raw materials for pollution-free cultivation to process and manufacture pure fruit and vegetable powder. Effectively maintain the nutritional ingredients and fragrance of the product. Its product characteristics are pure fragrance, original taste, quality assurance, natural color, good instant dissolution, no layering, no preservatives, no pollution, no pollution, no pesticide residues, no Contains artificial colors, flavors, and spices.

Our Advantage

1、Advanced technology: effectively maintain product nutrition and fragrance

2、Product characterization: original flavor, quality assurance, natural color, good instant dissolution.

3、Planting mechanization: no pollution, no pollution, no pesticide residue, no artificial coloring.

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Our Featured Products:

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Bulk Powder

1、Spray Drying Fruit & Vegetable Powder

2、Mix with other Fruit Ingredients.


You can directly purchase our raw materials powder If having your own OEM processing factory. We are pleased to help make the granules, capsules, and tablets if not.

We can do this for you


2、Hard Capsules


4、Solid Beverage

5、Oral Liquid

Packaging & Shipping

We have 3 more kinds of the common package as follows, customer request can be met too.


We can provide you every kind of high-quality food-grade plastic bottle package; white bottle, a green bottle, blue bottle, brown bottle, black bottle or clear bottle all can be provided ;

30 capsules / bottle ;60 capsules / bottle , 90 capsules / bottle ,100 capsules / bottle , 120 capsules / bottle , 180 capsules / bottle , 300 capsules / bottle or customer request .


We have kinds of foil blister package, commonly in 9 pcs / blister, 10 pcs / blister, 12 pcs/blister, and your special request in 14 pcs / blister, 15 pcs / blister, 25 capsules/blister can be meet here too.

Double – aluminum blister package is ok too, 2 capsules/blister, 6 capsules/blister all ok for you.

In Satchel

In Carton

We have several kinds of carton


Third-party Testing According to Your Request



3、United Nations Quality Decetion