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Product Name: Natural Ferulic Acid
Origin: China
Appearance: Powder ,Granule , Capules , Tablets


About Our Natural Ferulic Acid Factory:

It has been devoting ourselves to R&D natural ferulic acid for decades as one of the earliest factories by using rice bran unsaponifiable. Currently, HSF Biotech is the world’s top producer of natural ferulic acid. For the first time in the world, it utilizes the biological enzyme method to transfer and purify natural ferulic acid. As to massively and commercially produce natural ferulic acid, The technical team works closely with our upstream raw materials suppliers, helping them improve the processing and optimize facilities, which enabled the raw materials to be a higher purity and low solvent residual. Comparing with other suppliers, the natural ferulic is higher in purity, white in color, and higher in biotransformation rate. the annual capacity of natural ferulic acid is 200mt.

Our Natural Ferulic Acid Catalog

Product Feature
Package Applications
Natural Ferulic Acid Fine Powder 99% 25kg/bag/carton,or customized as required Natural Flavor, Anti-Oxidant, Functional Food, Dairy
Gamma Oryzanol Fine Powder 98% 25kg/bag/carton,or customized as required Functional food, Pharmaceutical, Tablet
Rice Bran Sterol Fine Powder 90% 25kg/bag/carton,or customized as required Functional food, Pharmaceutical, Tablet

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Brief introduction:

Ferulic acid, chemical name 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy cinnamic acid, is originated from the cell walls of numerous plants. As a derivative of cinnamic acid, ferulic acid is not only an effective scavenger of free radicals but also an inhibitor of enzymes that catalyze free radical generation and an enhancer of scavenger enzyme activity. Due to its excellent antioxidant properties, ferulic acid is widely applied in skincare formulations, natural fragrances, medicines, health supplements, and food additives.

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