Project Description

Solid Beverages

Solid beverages are manufactured from raw materials such as fruit juice, plant extracts, milk or dairy, egg, and sugar. The dried raw materials are ground into a fine powder and then mixed with formula products or are directly spray dried into a powder. The finished product is usually in powdered form that is dissolved in water to make the preferred drink ready to consume. Though solid beverage is a simple drink, it should not be reconstituted with hot water because the nutrients that it contains would break down at high temperatures, thus defeating the purpose.

Processing case:

  • Yam Chinese Wolfberry Solid Drink
  • Honeysuckle Probiotics Solid Drink
  • Fruit & Vegetable Solid Beverage
  • Enzyme Solid Beverage
  • Three Green Tea Solid Drink
  • Left-handed solid drink coffee
  • Mocha bulletproof solid drink coffee
  • Sunspots wu root solid drink soup
  • Jiang qi drink solid beverage refs
  • WuYuan green juice solid drink
  • Medica, solid beverage
  • Qing chang embellish tea solid drink
  • Inulin solid drink
  • Puerarin papaya solid beverage
  • Probiotics solid drink
  • Collagen protein solid drink
  • Chicken’s gizzard-membrane haw granule solid beverage
  • Chickpea solid drink
  • And so on


Tablet is usually powders pressed into many shapes and medium-hard pieces with main materials of sugar, starch syrup or sweetener.

Processing case:

Cordyceps militaris tableting candy Ginseng jujube benevolence tableting candy Eucommia ulmoides male flower tableting candy Black fruit medlar tableting candy Maca tableting candy
Golden flower snow lotus slices Puerarin papaya tablet Huang jing oysters Blueberry lutein ester Spicy Konoha piece
Chicken’s gizzard-membrane hawthorn piece Multidimensional tableting candy Collagen tableting candy Phytosterol tableting candy Fruit and vegetable fiber tableting candy
Mineral salts milk tablet candy White kidney bean tableting candy Low poly peptide tableting candy corn Chewable calcium iron zinc selenium Vitamin C effervescent tablets
Folic acid, iron sheet


Softgels are films formed into a certain shape while filling it with a liquid or paste.

Processing case:

Vitamin E soft capsule Vitamin A soft capsule Vitamin K soft capsule Calcium and vitamin D soft capsule DHA algae oil gel candy
Gel candy zinc-rich yeast Fruits and vegetables high iron gel candy High calcium seaweed gel candy Milk calcium gel candy Fish oil soft capsules
Flaxseed oil soft capsule Coenzyme Q10 soft capsule Lycopene Soft Capsule Aloe Soft Capsule Propolis Soft Capsule

Hard Capsules:

Hard capsules, which have dry, medicinal material powder or a certain amount of uniform powder or granules made from medicinal material extract powder or auxiliary materials, filled in hollow capsules.

Processing case:

Jin Fuyang brand growth capsule ShengKun brand MaDan capsule ShengKun brand constant capsule
Red kojic rice ganoderma lucidum danshen capsules Contact Dan ge capsule Grace collaterals and capsule
The red capsule

Meal Replacements:

A meal replacement intended as a substitute for a solid food meal, usually with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients.

Processing case:

The six flavors breakfast paste Fruit and vegetable multidimensional meal powder Eight chrysanthemum meal powder Yam tuckahoe powder Puerarin papaya konjac powder
The corn meal powder Black sesame paste 159 meal powder A protein shake meal powder Red jujube donkey-hide gelatin tuckahoe powder
Se-enriched high calcium protein powder Column 2 Value 2 Yam Chinese wolfberry meal powder Wheat germ protein powder

Herbal Teabags:

Herbal Teabag refers to the use of leaves, flowers, fruits, and rhizomes of edible plants as raw materials, and uses similar tea brewing (soaking) ways for people to drink. In addition to tea.

Processing case:

Honeysuckle lotus leaf tea Buckwheat tea Minty substitute of tea Herbal tea platycodon After Tang straw bag tea
Gynostemma pentaphyllum tea tea Cassia seed tea Arhat fruit tea Gold emperor chrysanthemum tea Florists chrysanthemum tea
Cyclocarya paliurus tea Qi double tea Wax gourd lotus leaf tea Boat-fruited sterculia chrysanthemum tea Propolis soft capsule
Wax gourd lotus leaf tea Zizyphus jujube benevolence poria cocos tea

Oral Liquids:

Oral liquid here mainly refers to Chinese herbal oral liquid, liquid preparations for oral use prepared by processing or fermenting with plant or plant extract as raw material, with or without the addition of other food raw materials and/or food additives, whose ethanol content does not exceed 0.5% by mass.

Herbal Teabags:

Plant oils or vegetable oils are oils derived from plant sources containing the oil (usually the seed), like rapeseed, soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, safflower seeds, rice bran, walnuts, almonds, etc.

Processing case:

Wheat germ oil Okra oil The peony seed oil Flaxseed oil Perilla seed oil
Pumpkin seed oil Acer truncatum seed oil Tea seed oil Evening primrose oil Walnut oil