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Product Name: Acer Truncatum Seed Oil
Active Ingredients: Nervonic acid 5%-99%
Origin: Acer truncatum Bunge Seed Oil
Production Method: Cold press
Appearance: Oil
The Ultimate Guide of Acer Truncatum Seed Oil

What is Acer Truncatum Seed Oil?

Acer truncatum seed oil is cold pressed from the plant seeds of acer truncatum, which is rich in nervonic acid, also known as selacholeic acid and cis-15-tetracosenoic acid.

Why We Use Cold Press?

The Father of Acer Truncatum Seed Oil

Wang Xingyan, who retired from work in 1994, continued to retire and continued on the career path of Yuanbaofeng that he persistently pursued.

In his old age, he realized the listing of my country’s unique Yuanbao maple seed oil. This means that the only internationally recognized food that can repair and dredge the nerve fibers of the brain and promote the regeneration of nerve cells is officially born.

In 2005, after his research paper “New Resource of Nervous Acid – Yuanbao Maple Oil” was published in “China Oils and Fats” magazine, it attracted the attention of the American scientific community, and immediately invited Professor Wang Xingyan to participate in the international conference held by the American Chemical Society in Atlanta. The paper was included in the Society’s Proceedings.

Soon, the United States and Japan began to import Yuanbao maple oil from China.

The Origin of Nervonic Acid

In 1925, Professor Klenkr isolated 41 degree unsaturated fatty acids from human and bovine brain cerebrosides for the first time, and introduced its molecular formula. In 1926, Japanese scholars Tsujimoto et al. extracted nervonic acid from shark oil, and named nervonic acid as shark acid for the first time. .

The Benefits of Nervonic Acid

Aging, characterized by a time-dependent functional decline of physiological integrity, is the major independent risk factor for many neurodegeneration diseases. Therefore, it’s necessary to look for natural food supplements to extend the healthy lifespan of aging people. We here treated normal aging mice with acer truncatum seed oil, and found that the seed oil significantly improved the learning and memory ability.

2. Other Function

Recent studies have concluded that nervonic acid is implicated as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of nerve cell myelin.

It is an important member of the group of the cerebrosides, which are fatty acids of the glycosphingolipids group, important components of the muscles and the central nervous system, and peripheral. Indeed, it is one of the major fatty acids in brain sphingolipids, normally accounting for approximately 40% of the total fatty acids in sphingolipids.

Nervonic acid is an essential nutrient for the growth and maintenance of the brain. This acid can speed development in infants. It is the reason why it is recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

Nervonic acid is a regulator of the Ca2+ ion channel in the cell membrane of nerve tissues, so it plays an important role in the control of the levels of calcium of the cytosol.

Nervonic acid can regulate the function of brain cell membranes and have a neuroprotective effect which is important to high-level training adults or athletes.

Moreover, due to its function as an intermediate in myelin biosynthesis, dietary therapy with nervonic acid-containing fats has been studied: nervonic acid appears to be beneficial for the treatment of genetic disorders of the lipid metabolism, such as Zellweger syndrome.


Item Column 2
Product Name Acer Truncatum Seed Oil
Other Name Acer truncatum Bunge Seed Oil, purpleblow maple seed, shantung maple seed,
Active Ingredients Nervonic Acid
Part Used Seed, Kernel
Production Method Oil (Cold Press), Powder (Extraction)
Appearance Oil (Light Yellow), Powder (White)
CAS Number 506-37-6
Molecular Formula C24H46O2
Molecular Weight 366.62
Specifications Oil (Nervonic Acid 4-7%), Powder (Nervonic Acid 5-99%)
Applications Food, Cosmetics, Supplements
Package According To Your Requirement
Shelf Life 24 Months

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Product Specification Appearance
Acer Truncatum Seed Oil >5% Golden Yellow Oil
Acer Truncatum Seed Powder(Nervonic acid) Customize White Powder
Acer Truncatum Seed Oil Soft Capsule Customize Soft capsule
Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. var.Papaveraceae (Andr.) Kerner Seed Oil Alpha-Linolenic Acid,Paeonol,Paeoniflorin Golden Yellow Oil
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